Yep – I didn’t run today. Instead, I ran an errand and ‘accidentally’ drove home and opted to watch the documentary ‘Foo Fighters Back and Forth’. I caught 30 minutes of it yesterday before I decided to drink two gigantic margaritas at taco Tuesday and was extremely intrigued.  So I found out when it was airing again and set my DVR to record it. Today, at 5PM…watching Dave Grohl trumped running. But let’s quickly rewind…

Yesterday I went on the best run I’ve had…almost ever.

I always love running on new trail/path/route because I’m on my toes – entertained and paying attention the entire time. The was the first time I took off running straight from my office. But the area is actually runner-friendly with running paths that are well lit everywhere. The weather was also perfect. It started out around 60 degrees and ended around 57. Check out that 3 degree drop! It WAS a little faster than I usually go…and that may or may not have had something to do with one part where I almost stomped on a bunny and another when it was actually kinda dark and I didn’t know when or if the trail ever ended.

Total miles: 5.76

Time: 57:17.98

Pace: 9:57

Mile 1 – 10:14

Mile 2 – 10:19

Mile 3 – 9:45

Mile 4 – 9:53

Mile 5 – 9:43

.76 of a mile – 9:46

This is…really not bad for me. Which is why I’m letting the world know how slow/fast (depending on how you look at it) I went. The point is…that I felt like a million bucks after and I wasn’t even sore today. YAY!

Because everyone else told me about their Christmas…I’m going to tell you about MINE!

My mom’s family celebrates on Christmas Eve. We party into the wee hours (2AM) and all spend the night at whoever was foolish enough to host the huge group. I could give you a play by play…but you would seriously DIE of boredom. So I’ll give you little snips.

6 miles

Time: 1:00:26

Pace: 10:04/mile

This was what I saw during my morning run. It was!

See- everyone really DID wear red and green as commanded via email.



2AM Delirium

If she can get married...anyone can.

Too much partying.

*Please make note of how adorable Zoey is at the bottom of that picture.

Though we may be pooped out/hungover…that didn’t mean Christmas was over!

We still had an appearance to make at my Dad’s family for ‘linner’…(dinner was at 3PM, WEIRD)

Below is a pic of me, my sisters and a couple of our cousins. BELIEVE IT OR NOT – we’re all related!!!

We can’t have a photo shoot without including the pups!

I got spoiled with a TON of really thoughtful gifts that revolved around running, booze and peanut butter. That is all so perfect because those three things are exactly ME! It was an easy reminder of how lucky I am to have such a hilariously huge family and amazing friends that know me so well. I really hope you all had a LOVELY holiday filled with lots of moments that make you almost pee your pants and wish the holidays lasted a little bit longer! I’ll leave you with the Christmas card my mom sent out and challenge you all to keep a straight face when you see it.