I understand that the title of this post may be slightly confusing. But I promise…it makes sense.

This weekend I took off to San Diego (duh) – and it wasn’t to get my party on. Weird, huh? The reason for heading down south was for the Carlsbad Half Marathon! Honestly, I was really nervous but really excited for this race. I was nervous because I felt like I was undertrained due to the holidays (excuses, excuses) and I saw the rolling hills on that course. And I was excited because the weather forecast looked good (about 50 degrees and sunny) and my friends were running too! There is just something comforting about prepping for a race with other people.


I did an awful 3 mile run. Or maybe I should call it a ‘run-walk’. Either way, it wasn’t the best. You would THINK that I would have been really frightened by that. But I wasn’t. I just thought ‘ok great, the bad run is over’ – that way I could really bring it for Sunday! I also laid low and had a couple glasses of wine with girlfriends to stay calm and rested. That’s nothing new though…I’ve been laying low almost every friday since I’ve started training.


I slept in and woke up feeling super refreshed. I drove to the expo and picked up everyones bibs and made my way to San Diego for dinner with my friends. Confession: I drank a beer. JUST ONE. The rest of the night was dedicated to eating carbs and hydrating with water and Gatorade. We played Sporcel for a bit, then hit the hay at 9PM- we had to be well rested!

I had a mini melt down consisting of nerves and self-doubt. Good thing I’m lucky enough to have friends who I could send frantic texts to and get reassuring and super encouraging texts back! That’s love people.

Sunday, aka RACE DAY!

I dragged my tush out of bed at 4:30AM and started eating a bagel. Haha, I hate running feeling the slightest bit full. So that was seriously the first thing I did. I had laid out all my clothing the night prior so getting dressed mindlessly. That was good, because I kept my mind focused on my race.

Pretty sunrise

We got there super early. At first I thought it was too early. But no, it was perfect. We got to warm up, check our gear and slowly make our way to our wave.

I’ll write a full recap tomorrow (hopefully), but I will leave you with this….

Long Beach Half-Mary – 2:27:35

Goal Time – 2:20

Carlsbad Half-Mary – 2:14:19

So yes, while the Harbaugh brothers BOTH lost on Sunday and we’re repeating another Patriots vs. Giants Superbowl….I was STILL celebrating with 5 schooners of beer!!!