It really is…to an extent. Some of the bad things I’ve found some fun in include…

  • Running less. I’ve been experiencing some weird soreness/pain in my left hip or hip flexor. I still don’t even really know what it’s about. But I figured some rest would be good. This was initially really difficult for me because I get scared of not running. It keeps me sane, happy and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of gaining some LBs and losing my fitness. But I found some joy in attending more spin classes, taking time to do some weight training and other fun ways to be active. Running less doesn’t mean no running at all! How can I pass up Saturday mornings to see this???
  • Boozing with less worries. Training a little more seriously for the Carlsbad half marathon never stood in the way of me and my weekend benders – but it was in the back of my mind that half marathon was my main focus. Even if it meant one shot instead of two or no Bloody Mary’s to recover on a Sunday morning.
  • Not blogging…for a little over two weeks. It is probably a sign of laziness, or a lack of anything exciting to talk about. I know I said I’d recap Carlsbad- but all I can really say about that race was that it was my favorite. I started to struggle around mile 9 and my goal was to keep my pace under 10:20 and I DID! I think all the speed and hill training really paid off. Also, reading everyone’s running blogs and taking their little bits of advice helped me to strategize on how I was going to exert my energy throughout the run. That was without a doubt the main game changer this time around. Here are some not so painful race photos. That guy in the blue is who kept me going – I was NOT going to let him beat me 🙂


  • Watching the Bachelor. In my opinion, there is nothing politically correct OR okay about this show or what it does in ‘helping’ someone find their future spouse…BUT I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. You win entertainment industry. I used to feel really bad about it, but I’m pretty sure there are worse things 😉


Ok FINE – the things listed aren’t truly THAT bad (or are they?). If you want the nitty gritty stuff, I randomly post inappropriate confessions on twitter (@jnellnicolle) or for a more visual notion some of you have even found me on Instagram, where you can clearly see my disgusting sense of humor, awful eating habits and track the small adventures that I forget to write about. 

What are YOUR confessions or ‘fun bad things’ as of lately?