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YAY! The holiday season is finally over. My secret wish was that life would slow down so I can catch my breath. But then I realized…I have a race coming up – in about 16 days.

The good news?

I think I may be a little more prepared than that horrible Long Beach half about three months ago. I have an idea of what I did wrong. This includes:

  • Over-thinking it:  I am all about researching way to get faster, or what kind of meal will make my tummy feel the best during my early morning long distance runs. But I learned that I need to try one thing at a time. Trying five different foods that are considered ‘running fuel’ and experimenting with too many interval sets is not productive. I need to learn how to pick something new to try…and give it time to get real results. In the mean time, I will still be snacking from this (on the comfort of my own desk) on a daily basis:

    Christmas gift via my aunt ❤

  • I didn’t push myself hard enough: YES- being able to run (and not stop) 13.1 miles takes some mental toughness and requires people who aren’t athletically blessed enough to be ‘good at everything’ to really really push themselves. I guess hoping that I would magically become a faster run over time doesn’t really work. After purchasing my first Garmin, now I can really know how fast/slow I go. It’s definitely a challenge to not be obsessed with watching my speed, but it has definitely helped!

I forgot to just have fun! I am by NO means a professional runner. And yes, it would be fan-freaking-tastic to PR every single race, but it’s not worth being too serious about. I don’t ever want running to lose its magic to me. At the end of the day, it’s what makes me a little more sane and a lot happier. I need to find that balance where I can push myself to improve over time, yet still keep it fun. It would be a sad day when running stopped being fun. So while I will attempt to stay away from boozing at least 7 days prior to the Carlsbad Half Marathon…why change who I am? I will continue to dabble in some fun from time to time….

I really like wine nights with my BFFs


What I will continue to do up until January 22nd…

  • Logging the miles and tracking my time – I’ve been doing 4-5 mile runs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesdays are mellow with a quick 3 miler OR some sort of cross training. Saturdays are the dreaded slow long distance runs that I’m upping to 8-10 miles starting THIS saturday! And Sundays are rest days or yoga days.
  • NOT changing my diet – I haven’t changed my diet ONE BIT this time around. I don’t think too hard about what I eat – I’m just not completely stupid and eating nasty burritos from hole-in-the-wall places the before runs, or drinking tons of soda. Personally, I find that when I don’t think too hard about it, my runs are a lot of enjoyable and I’m lucky enough to have a pretty tolerable tummy.
  • HAVING FUN – I started to have a little less fun towards the end of my training for Long Beach. I need to not be bumming over a run just because it wasn’t awesome. It’s really about putting in the effort and allowing myself to really appreciate when it pays off!

Hopefully, this will all help me stay healthy because I’m aiming to run a lot more races this year!

Random hilariousness:

1. my ‘snack drawer’ is really getting out of control:peanut butter m&ms, peanut m&ms, swedish fish, nutella and 2 jars of PB.

2. My little cousin trying to figure out what my foam roller is for. Isn’t she the cutest?

3. Having a friend send me this because apparently, I’m a huge snorer (so sexy, I know).

What kind of tid bits did you learn from your last race?




Hey – remember when I used to blog? Let’s try to get back to that. Hopefully I’m not the only one getting swept away with the busy holiday season. As things cool down (who knows when that will be)…I do plan on stalking blogs on a regular basis again. I just wanted to let you all know that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth!

So what have I been up to lately? Or at least since I last posted….

I went to Boulder. And this is the freaking weather that I flew into. For a girl that has only lived in southern California…this was rather ridiculous. I almost laughed when my plane landed and the pilot said ‘Welcome to the Mile High City, it is 1 degrees outside’.

I also drove in ice and snow for the first time in my entire life. All you east coast/midwest/snow people can start laughing now. Anywho, this was my first time traveling for work and my first time traveling by MYSELF! This was a big growing up move people. I’ve flown to Rome by myself, but at least I was meeting people I knew and staying at a place where all my friends were. Nope- not this time. I flew to Denver, drove to Boulder and stayed in a hotel alone. All other colleagues were staying elsewhere. Upon check-in, which was around 7PM, I was still wide awake so I went for a short 3 miler in the hotel gym and watched Hart of Dixie. If you don’t already watch it – you should really start. And yes, I did call my mom about 5 times in one night and video chatted with my sister. Like I always say…baby steps people.

This is what I woke up to. Snow! It was also a warmer…23 degrees. WOOHOO!

I don’t usually recommend snapping photos while driving…but I don’t see snow often. It’s kind of a big deal to me.

Because it was ‘warmer’ and I packed more running clothes than normal clothes…I thought I’d give the cold weather running a try. It was actually quite pretty.

And what did I learn?

  • my face gets FROZEN…as in I wasn’t sure if my face was moving or showing emotion once I walked back indoors
  • I love running in cold weather more than I thought – I liked sporting my long sleeves, pants and ear warmers
  • It took me almost twice as long to really warm up
I did 4.15 miles in icy 23 degrees. I kind of wish I took more pictures. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go back.

Once I thought that I was a ‘real’ blogger because I talked about a particular topic (running). Then I thought I was one because I talked about how much I loved food and music. And then I really thought I was a running blogger when I bought my first Garmin. Now, I really really am a blogger because I met another one…IN PERSON. OMFG. I had tentative beer drinking plans with some colleagues later in the evening – and I could only kill time alone for SO LONG. I immediately thought of one blogger who I knew was in the Boulder area and shot her an email. After I sent it…I was HORRIFIED. Because it very well could be: creepy, weird, dangerous…the list can go out. Well, Thao at SnapShotsofHappiness was so kind and suggested an awesome micro brewery to meet at for dinner. And it was so fun and glad I took the plunge!! I got to taste my fav IPA ever (Mountain Sun FYIPA) and nerd out about running, food and much more with another blogger.

Me with beer – that’s nothing new.

My sampler. People should also warn me about how fast one can get drunk in high altitude. YIKES.

After my dinner – I met up with colleagues at a few other micro breweries in Boulder (if I remembered the names or took pics, I would have shared them). The night was kind of a blur due to the 3 other samplers I had… But I DO remember safely getting dropped off by a cab, packing and waking up at 5Am to make my early flight! I figured that I should really take advantage of my youth while I have it. So partying late into the night on business trip, hopping on an early flight home and then straight back into the office in Lululemon sweats…its TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE (for now).

Even though I logged a good amount of running…about 7 miles…while I was in Boulder, I still was feeling puffy. It may or may not have had something to do with all the booze I drank. And even though I was feeling like a stuffed sausage, and I was moody, tired and unmotivated and surprised my friends still talked to me. Then one of my BFFs sent me this:

And ya know what? Bitch was right? We’re BFFs for a reason. I was a moody, negative Nelly all day…and when I finally got my run on the next day, I was a whole new person!!! Sometimes, you need a swift kick in the ass to get moving…but little sparks of inspiration do the trick too.

Seeing this little ray of sunshine on my desk also helped me get into the Christmas spirit:

I have 3 baby cousins who are born on Nov. 30 (boy), December 10 (older girl) and December 12 (little one)…and yep, they’re all siblings! Crazy, right? So to celebrate and steal them away all to ourselves, me, my mom and sisters took them for a day of shoe shopping with a side of caffeine free blended mochas and chocolate croissants at the mall!

They are seriously…the light of our lives (other than Zoey!).

Here are the two pretty girls in their new sparkly Toms!

I still run…

And I’ve actually started running more regularly! This past Saturday I completed a solid 6 miles at a 10:13/minute pace.

It’s weird how much faster I started to run now that I have been tracking my speed as I go. Last time, I was running shorter distances at a slower pace more frequently. This time, I’m testing this running 3-4 miles during the week faster less frequently. I’m sprinkling more spin classes and cross training in there. So far, so good. But I guess I’ll find out more in January…

Another weird thing is that I think its time for new shoes. This is without a doubt the fastest I’ve ever burned through shoes! Definitely exciting…maybe I really am a runner now 🙂

I’m kind of stoked on the cooler low 60s weather that we’re experiencing here in Orange County. It actually rained Monday and Tuesday this week! Rain weather = soup eating & Bon Iver listening. I decided on some awesome ramen.

Some things to look forward too:

– attempting snowboarding/skiing in Big Bear this weekend!!!


How is all your xmas shopping going?

Any fun winter/xmas trips planned?

Do you run everyday? or cross train or take rest days?

I’m really thankful. I ate a lot, drank a lot and laughed a lot. My Thanksgiving was excellent.

It had been a really long time since I’ve seen my family (total shocker, seriously) so I was really looking forward to our Thanksgiving dinner this year. This Thanksgiving dinner was particularly special because it was planned by me and my sisters for the first time EVER. Lucky for us, this was a ‘small’ Thanksgiving with only 20 people in attendance – baby steps, people. Well, us Abaoag gals don’t mess around or half-ass anything…check us out!

Flowers done by my old lady sister, Jamie.

Cooler flowers arranged by Edith (aka, mom). She’s fancy.

And more importantly…I HELPED. Yep, Thanksgiving morning I woke up, ran a miserable 6 miles and saw this:

Running right after being sick = NO BUENO. I was sniffling and couldn’t really breathe. So I failed and walked about 2 miles. Actually, it’s not a fail. I read Bald Guy Running’s latest post and so yah…it was NOT a fail. There was an attempt, I logged about 3 slow miles and listened to my body. I do plan on getting back into my normal 4-5 mile runs during the week and one distance run on Saturdays. Let’s pray for this annoying and nasty cold to go away!

I should also mention that the highlight of the run was not only the cool sky but all the hot surfers that came out to play. The swell was pretty sweet that day.

Followed by my run…I got home and cleaned (booooo), played sous chef to my baby sister and helped set up…BIG DEAL for those who don’t know me. Here’s some proof. I’m not even posing. I was really doing my thing and my mom took this picture. Let’s get serious, I would NOT usually let people snap a photo of me looking all nasty like this.

Me & my niece, Zoey.

Drinking a Boddington and checking on the turkey. Yes, THIS picture is totally posed. I didn’t put anything in the oven on Thanksgiving.

What’s the deal with the awkward place cards??? Well, Jamie took awesome and ugly close up photos of everyone one night at dinner on our family cruise. We really had no idea when those pictures would come in handy – they were such a pleasant surprise for everyone.

We sat down for dinner around 6:30PM, and continued to laugh, talk and drink until around 10:30PM. I don’t know that many families that can chill around a dinner table for 4 hours and LOVE EVERY SECOND. Talk about Thanksgiving.

Starting the baby off young! JUST KIDDING – that brat only drank apple cider, NOT my wine. I’m too greedy to share wine anyways. Also, we think our dogs are human and let them sit at the dinner table.


My mom and her babies. All grown up…(except Zoey).

After Thanksgiving – I decided to not eat….

And drink a lot instead. And watch a lot of college football.

(obviously, that is sarcasm. I have the appetite of linebacker – regardless of how much turkey and potatoes I ate the day before)

My best San Diego friend’s family was in town from Michigan – since she’s met all of my family…it was only suitable I met hers! Saturday morning I dragged her butt out of bed at 7AM and made her endure a lovely 2.5 mile run along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. Cold air is so hard to breathe in…how do you east coasters do it?!? Why run so early? Well, the football games start at 9AM over here and we HAD to get to the bar and get a table. Priorities.

We watched her alma mater (Michigan) beat Ohio State and loitered in and out of the bars in Pacific Beach seeing friends and watching more football. Also, I had a lot of these…

The good thing about day drinking is that you pass out early, and wake up feeling not hungover. So what did we do? It was Sunday, so we headed to the PB Ale House and decided to try their sangria. Apparently, a glass of each wasn’t enough because we ordered a carafe of both the white and red sangria (both delicious by the way).


The result? Two 20 somethings giggling down the street thinking it was suitable to stop into the liquor store and pick up some 40s. The weekends are when I regress back to college. Pardon the greasy hair. I now realize that just because you’re NOT hungover doesn’t mean that you can skip a shower and not wash your hair.

Another moment of realization…I have another half marathon in about 8 weeks. So while these college-like weekends are fun, I should probably tone it down.

Random things that made me smile a lot.

1. Zoey’s new cousin!!!! My aunt and cousin got a new puppy!!!! No name yet, but its a girl and she’s an adorable lab mix. I honestly just stared at this picture for a few minutes about 10 times today.

2. My friend sent this to me. It’s the sunset from his roof in Hermosa Beach. Tough life he leads.

How do YOU cope with bad runs???

I drink a beer and cry in my bed. Ok, actually, I just have a beer and make sure to over prepare for my next run. Or, I take a break from running and go to a spin class or do another form of exercise.

What random things have you smile a lot lately?

Puppies, awesome sunsets and knowing that I have an EXCELLENT couple of weeks coming up!!!!


I know I disappeared over the long weekend. But that’s because I was enveloped in one of my best gal pal’s wedding festivities in Coronado!!! Tonight’s blogpost will include a much more thorough description of how amazing everything was. However, to hold you over, I thought I’d provide you all with a treat sneak preview of what all of the fun entailed…


I can’t WAIT to catch up on all my favorite blog people’s weekend adventures!


First off, thanks for all the tips and advice on treating my darn foot’s case of PF. I’m going to be taking MUCH better care of it and listening to my foot.

I’m finally back home! Not just on dry land, not just back in the good ol’ US or California…but actually sitting on my bed staring at my trusty computer screen.

Verdict for the Salas Family Cruise? SUCCESS.

Vacation with my family is always fun. And the last family cruise was a total blast. But I must say…this one takes the cake! I guess I am lucky enough to say that family vacations get better and better over time.

A LOT happened in the 7 days I was gone so I really don’t know where to start. To prevent you all from getting tired of cruise pictures, I’ll try to condense my recap for this week strictly. Maybe even less – we’ll see, I’m not very good at editing things out!

For this post, I think I’ll just start out with the excitement of getting there!

It all started with my arrival into Miami, Florida. I spent a total of about seven hours in Miami before embarking on the boat. So regret having no reviews on this city. I guess I’ll just have to come back!



The family went on a 7-day Carnival Cruise in the Western Caribbean that included three stops:

  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Grand Caymans
  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Here’s a gander at our boat.



What do a bunch of water babies by nature do once they’re at sea? HIT THE POOL!!!!

Can you find me? This is a good game to play since we all look so much alike. (Hint: I have sunglasses on…hahahaha)



Of course, there were several servings of booze.

Disclaimer: These underaged children did NOT consume those drinks. Only the cousins of age – the picture just cracks me up.



I honestly don’t know how us cousins came from these ladies dancing below. My mom and her three sisters are not ones to be found jumping into the pool (or swimming at all for that matter), so they danced their tails off. The best part? No booze was involved!



Seriously, how cute is my aunt? She can get her GROOVE on.



I also should mention that my family is full of winners. That’s right, I said it. We like to win. Actually, when you take 21 enthusiastic people who LOVE to participate (except me, honestly, how am I related to them???), people are bound to win things. The first person? The bro in law, TONY!!! He won the song trivia game where they would play a small portion of a song and the contestants would have to identify the song and where it was from!



The prize: CHAMPAGNE!


We also took home other prizes which included TV show theme songs and movie theme songs. Yes, trophies were obtained. No, I do not know where they went sadly.

I know what you’re all wondering. Between all of the swimming and drinking and eating…did I break a sweat?


Two 6:00AM wake up calls and one 7:00AM wake up call, each entailing 3-5 miles plus ab work. I usually have no problem sweating it out for over an hour…but we were CRUISIN!!!! So once I approached that 60th minute, I bolted for the door. I had food to eat and sun to soak up.

I even had the company of the sisters, cousin and bro in law (not pictured) the first time! I was REALLY excited I promise. I was just still in the promise of waking up.



I made that really attractive face for you. But trust me, I was feeling GOOOOOD.



Luckily, all of our excursions consisted of lots of physical activity…hiking, lots of swimming and climbing waterfalls!!!! You will just have to stay tuned for those posts!!!

What I’m looking forward to besides blogging/catching up on reading your blogs is getting back into my routine! I’m aiming for early morning runs, afternoon cross training and  much much MUCH cleaner eating habits. It was a blessing and a curse for the cruise to offer unbelievable amounts of food at any given time. So I am ready kill this week!


What was BEST part of this past week? (I’ve been gone – so I need a recap)


Have you ever been on a cruise? Where did you go?


Random, but how long can you usually last on a treadmill for?

I can do an hour AT MOST…but otherwise I get bored. I need ideas.



Got off the boat and my vacation officially ends tomorrow!!! To be honest I’m actually ready to dive back into work, training and eating a LOT healthier. I’m blogging from my beloved iPhone so this is obviously going to be short but I figured a small update is a good way to kill time.

Good news: I hit the gym and ran 3 times like I had hoped. And all of the activities were super active.

Bad news: There is always food available on a cruise. Always!!!!

I cannot wait to share all the fun stories and pictures!


Tonight, I board a red eye flight to Miami so I can take off an a WEEK LONG CRUISE!!!! I even painted my toes a celebratory color.

Ocean blue with sparkles - Yes, that's a sandal tan line. I wear sandals to work.

3 Highlights of yesterday…

#1 – I got a treat in the mail! I saw these sunglasses not too long ago at Bloomies for about $200 – uh, not in my budget. But then again, nothing I usually want is! Nonetheless, I scored them on Hautelook for $70. STEAL.




Oh you fancy, huh?


My favorite San Diego gal pal had training up in OC, so she drove up for dinner at BJs (yes, we consumed a Pizookie, and yes, we consumed it too fast for me to document), had a beer and talked a lot. It was awesome. She was extra awesome and watched me pack my last minute goodies.


One of those goodies included a special treat courtesy of Justinne, the baby sister. This is #495849304859403 why she’s cool.


Seriously? Girl knows the way to my heart. Also, just because Justinne got attention, I’ll give Jamie some too…this is her enjoying the s’more I made her on National S’Mores Day. (This was NOT last night)

SEXY - Good thing she's married

And here’s my mom ignoring me while I was trying to ask her a question. FYI: She used to hate dogs. Or maybe she only likes this one.

Zoey > Janelle

Onto things that really matter…sort of.

Despite the beer and late night girl talk I had last night, I woke up a half hour earlier than usual to run. Not only that – I added a mile. Like whoa – WHY??? Well, I had to pack a few last minute things and wrap up a few things in the house for my mom (my family is already in Miami) before I took off.

Basically, I ran while it was still night time. As in it could have easily passed for being 10pm when I started running. It was kind of scary at first so I kept my music down REALLY low. It was surprisingly in the high 60s when I started, so it didn’t take long for me to warm up. My favorite part was when the sun started to come up and it started to get light out. It was so pretty and quiet. I gotta get up earlier more! 4.5 miles and 43 minutes later, I was a happy camper and my day had started out PERFECTLY!!!

Downside: Plantar fasciatis will be the death of me. Any tips on how to treat this? I ice and stretch regularly…but I can always use a little help!

I still plan on running while I’m cruising ( you can be jealous), but I probably won’t be blogging. But don’t you fret- I will be back come Monday with so many pics and story you might not be able to handle it!!!!


Any fun weekend plans????

Do you ever do long runs during the week or do you save them for the weekend???

I usually rest Fridays and do long distance runs Saturday…but sometimes those weekends are super busy!! I might attempt a long distance run during the week when I get back.

I seriously think that I have overweight calves. They are abnormally large.

Exhibit A - SEE!?!?! (pardon the thunder thigh)

I’m pretty sure this is genetic. Since my dad and sisters suffer from the same feature.

Exhibit B - I'm on the left. The person on the right is a dude.

The downsides to having abnormally large, overweight calves:

  • It’s a pain in the arse to buy boots!!! You have no idea the struggle it was to find a pair that could fit comfortable over my calves and  still have room to tuck my jeans in.
  • Another purchase struggle…skinny jeans!!! Newsflash: big calves = not so sexy in skinny skinny jeans. Combined with the bullet point above…its just bad news bears.
  • People ask me if I do calf lifts daily. Seriously, they do. And NO, I never do!
The only upside I can think of:
  • Before I started running, and even when I’m running less – it looks like I work out (only on my calves maybe).
  • Sometimes they look pretty sweet in heels.
On to the fit part of today…
I had to be at work a half hour earlier than usual today, so the challenge was for me to get up a half hour earlier and knock out some miles. And I did it! I hit the pavement by 5:45, got back, showered and made it to the office in time for my meeting.
To be honest, these 3 mile mornings are wonderful because they get my energy up and its just a great way to start my day. However, they just don’t feel like enough. Does that make sense? Or does that sound crazy???
In my defense, I DO want to get more miles in there. This will require me to become a faster run (work in progress) and to get up earlier (I am reluctant).  So what did I do today? After running some errands and getting some laundry going before I pack, I busted out 2 miles interchanging sprints and walking. Upon my return, some squats, ab work and fiiiinally and worthwhile stretching session took place. And you know what? I feel a little better. And its a good thing I did my extra workout because…
There was a not-so-fit part of my day (this is common)
I ate WAY too many of Trade Joe’s Cinnamon Sugar Almonds. Storing it in the conveniently located snack drawer to my right at work is not helpful.
Nutella, Honey Roasted PB, Cinnamon Sugar Almonds, Peanut M&Ms, Del Taco Del Scorcho Packet, Hello Kitty Spoon via Yogurtland
And more importantly….drumroll please!!!!
I ate my dinner super fast because I had my mind on this…

YUM - totally embarrasing.

NO – I did not have a mini bonfire to roast my marshmallow sadly. But I was nifty and popped a graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate and a marshmallow in the microwave for 15 seconds…and voila!
Gooey deliciousness.
What I am supposed to be doing instead of blogging
I’m really supposed to be packing since my favorite San Diego buddy will be joining my for a lovely dinner tomorrow night and I’m also heading straight to the airport after work on Friday. I’m also sending some goodies along with my mom and sisters who are leaving a day before me.
I just tricked my older sister, Jamie, into helping me back. Oh the things a 28 year old gal will do for me to re-start Pretty Little Liars when I’m already more than half way through the recording. She is an organization and packing machine, so I think its worth the trade. Plus, I just love this show!
Your turn:
What do you keep in your ‘snack’ drawer???
Pretzels, oatmeal, Swedish Fish and cookies also frequent that drawer.
Do you work out before or after your workday?
I’m still experimenting…alternating days. I do love how I feel when I get up and run in the mornings, but I need to fit more miles in there!

I’m away in San Diego for my girlfriend’s bridal shower. I can’t tell you all enough how much I love coming here. It’s like a break from real life and any other responsibility I have during the week.

Pro: I’m happy as a clam and got to see my fav girls
Cons: I didn’t get up to run due to too many cocktails.

I can’t wait to tell you all more. But until then….


How often do you reunite with your old girlfriends???

The oh-so-gorgeous and teeny tiny Kristen of Confessions of a (Not-So) Domesticated Newlywed tagged me in this “7 Links” thing that has been all the hype in the blogosphere and I was more than flattered to be selected. So thank you 🙂

So here it goes…

Most Beautiful:

So I’m Not the Best Granddaughter – I chose this post because it gives you all a glimpse of how close and FUN my family is! And my family is without a doubt the most beautiful part of my life. Super cheesy, yes I know. But I know that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without all of there support. They drive me NUTs and piss me off more than anyone else…but thats just part of the journey and I wouldn’t change one bit of it!

Most Popular:

I Left My Heart in Chicago – This post got a lot of views and attention. Maybe it was because I hyped up my first trip to Chicago so much and this was finally it! But I also showed you guys what I like to do outside of my normal work, run and eat routine. Also, my friends are really pretty too!

Most Controversial:

I purposefully choose to NOT comment on controversial comments. So does this make it a 6 links?

Most Helpful:

Feeling Lucky – This is a nice reminder or eye opener for when anyone is feeling down. This post was meant to share a moment of realization with everyone. At that point in time, some part of my life that I opt to NOT blog about were a bit rough. But that moment I walked into my house to find all my family there together and laughing…its like all the pieces fit together and I realized that all that small stuff didn’t better. At the end of the day, I am very lucky to be where I am with people I love.

Surprise Success:

Disney is Magical Too – I don’t know if it’s just my group of friends or Orange County, but musical theater is NOT very popular here despite how close we are to Los Angeles. But I was beyond thrilled with the positive comments and feedback. So thanks everyone!

Not Enough Attention:

Can I say all of them? Just kidding.

Shopping Cures All – Sort Of – I really thought people would relate more to this one. We all deal with rough times in different ways. Mine happens to be shopping. Maybe it sounded too typical. Oh well…I’m sure I’ll read another one similar to that in the future.

Most Proud:

Too Excited to Sleep – I didn’t exactly open up entirely in this post, but it did take a lot of guts for me write it. And open up to a bunch of strangers (the internet is HUGE and scary)…but I am pretty confident in knowing the small audience that stumbles upon my little blog. I’ve also discovered over time that sharing a little bit about a hard time in my life helps others to open up as well. All of the support (emails, comments) received blew me away and each one lifted my heart a little that night and I can’t thank you all enough!



I had a rough run. My left shin was hurting. I tried to take down the incline, but it still ached. I decided to give my poor legs a rest from yesterday’s class (which I will let you in on soon) and hit the elliptical.

I’ll leave you all with the GLORIOUS (yet not so nutritious) Yogurtland lunch I had today:


Do you ever have dessert for lunch?

It takes almost all my willpower to NOT have dessert for every meal.

Do you freak out when you feel an ‘ache’ or discomfort when you start to exercise?

I usually can work through any pain…but when I have to stop – I freak out. 

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